COMP1511 19T3
Linux Cheat Sheet
COMP1511 19T3

File Operations
pwd - Print working dir
ls [options] - List contents of current dir
ls options: -a - All options including hidden -l - Long version -s - Sort by size -t - Sort by time -r - Reverse order
cd dir - Move to directory dir
dir shortcuts: . - Current directory .. - Previous directory ~ - Home directory / - Root directory
mkdir dir - Make directory called dir
mv source1 [source2..] dir - Move source(s) to dir
mv source1 source2 - Rename source1 to source2
cp [options] source1 source2 - Copy source1 to source2
cp options: -R - Recursive (Copy contents of subdirectories etc.)
rm source - Remove source
rm options: -d - Remove empty directories -R - Delete contents recursively -f - Ignore nonexistent files and never prompt before removing
cat file - Show file contents
head file - Show first 10 lines of file
tail file - Show last 10 lines of file

Bash Commands
man cmd - Show help manual for cmd (command)
date - Show date
whoami - Show your username
uptime - Show uptime
history - List recent commands

Bash Shortcuts
CTRL +... a - Jump to start of line e - Jump to end of line k - Delete to end of line u - Delete to start of line y - Recall last deleted w - Delete word r - Search previous commands c - Halt current command z - Stop current command d - Logout of current session
!! - Repeat last command
Up/Down - Scroll through commands
TAB - Autocomplete
TAB TAB - Show list of autocomplete options