COMP1511 18s1 (webcms)
Frequently-Asked Questions
COMP1511 18s1 (flask)
What prior knowledge of coding is assumed for COMP1511?
COMP1511 assumes no prior knowledge of coding.

Approximately half the class has done no coding before COMP1511.

What textbook or other materials do we have to buy for COMP1511?
There is no required textbook and no required materials.
Will COMP1511 course materials be uploaded to Moodle?
Most UNSW course use Moodle for course materials but not COMP1511 or most other COMP courses.

All course materials will be uploaded to this website:

What sort of computer do I need for COMP1511?
Almost any computer will be fine for COMP1511.

Do not rush out and buy an expensive new laptop or desktop.

You will need to a lot of coding so its is very useful to have access to a internet-connected computer where you live - but almost any computer will be sufficient.

If you don't have computer access where you live, you will need to spend quite a bit of time in CSE's computing labs

What should I do if I am stuck on something when writing code?
If you have tried searching the internet for solutions with no luck, there are many resources within the course which can save hours of effort. One such resource is the Course Forum. Posting a question on this forum can help other students with the same question. You can also attend one of our Help Sessions where course tutors can spend time helping you. One last resource is your tutor or lab demonstrator. It can be very helpful to have their email addresses, especially during assignments.