COMP1511 17s1 COMP1511 Laboratory Assessment Introduction to Programming
To obtain a mark for a lab exercise you should (as a pair) demonstrate the completed lab exercise to your tutor during a lab class and both members of the pair should separately submit it using give.

You should normally get your lab work assessed during the week for which it is scheduled (i.e. you must complete the week 3 lab exercise during the week 3 lab). If you don't finish it during the lab, you may continue working on it during the week, but you both must submit it (using give) by the following Monday 11:00am in order to get any marks for it. You must then (as a pair) also demonstrate your work to your tutor during the first hour of the following week's lab.

Summary: to obtain any lab marks for the Week X lab, you must do 2 things:

You cannot obtain marks by e-mailing lab work to tutors.

Lab exercises will be assessed using the following grade system:

Grade Criteria
A+ Complete, correct, and clear solution - if there are challenge exercises a good attempt on these must be made
A Competent solution to standard lab exercises
B Most of standard lab exercises completed, to all completed but with one or more major bugs
C Partial solution only, most of lab not completed
. Not attempted

Challenge exercises may be specified for some labs.

There will be more lab marks available than necessary to obtain full marks for the 10% lab component. In other words total lab marks will be capped.

If you cannot complete the exercise by the end of the lab you may complete it in your own time and submit it using the give command by Monday 11:00 in the week after the lab. You can then demonstrate it your tutor in next week's lab and they will mark the submitted code. Only the submitted code can be assessed.