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Dr. Liming Zhu
Research Director
Software & Computational Systems, Data61 | CSIRO &

Conjoint Full Professor
School of CSE, UNSW

Email: (W) (W) (P)
Tel: +61 2 94905584 (PA)

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Invited Talks/Panels

(Excluding conference paper presentations)
  1. Guest of Honour at private luncheon, How Blockchain can help Industry, Australian Embassy, Berlin, Sept 2018
  2. Invited talk/Panelist: "Blockchain for Better Policies", OECD Blockchain Policy Forum, Sept 2018
  3. Panelist, "The Business of Blockchain", USyd business school Affinity series event, July 2018
  4. Keynote, "How automation and artificial intelligence can digitally transform the procurement profession", CIPS, July 2018
  5. Invited talk & Panelist, "Computational Law and RegTech - Seeding Industries through Platform Technologies", RegTech Update, Governance Institute of Australia, July 2018
  6. Keynote & Panelist, "Blockchain and the possibilities of democratisation", Governance and Risk Management Forum, June 2018
  7. Panelist, "Harnessing the Power of Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Better Governance and Improving Citizens’ Lives ", OpenGov Asia, Canberra, June 2018
  8. Roundtable Host, "Digital Identity in The Blockchain Era – Creating a ‘Self-Sovereign’ Digital Identity", OpenGov Canberra, June 2018
  9. Panelist, Quantum & Nanotech Breakfast series, June 2018.
  10. "Introducing Cyber-Physical Security Industry Frameworks", ASIS breakfast series, May 2018
  11. "Blockchain: what does the future hold for Blockchain in Australia?", CFA Australia, May 2018
  12. Panelist, "Cyber Resilience: change and adapting as leaders", National Public Sector Managers and Leaders Conference, Mar 2018
  13. "Unlocking the Power of Deep Science and the Tech Side of Blockchain", APAC Blockchain, Mar 2018
  14. Panelist, "What Are the Major Technical Challenges Still Facing Blockchain Technologies?", APAC Blockchain, Mar 2018
  15. Keynote, "Automating Cybersecurity and Compliance", The Australian Cyber, Fraud and Risk Summit, Mar 2018
  16. Expert Witness, parliament enquires on "Growing presence of inauthentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 'style' art and craft products and merchandise for sale across Australia" , Mar 2018
  17. Opening speech, Data61-DST Group Cybersecurity summer school, Feb 2018
  18. Keynote, "Data Economy: the Cornerstone of Smart Business", GMIC + Sydney, Dec 2017
  19. Panelist, "The Innovation Ecosystem and Investment Environment Shaped by Blockchain Technology", GMIC + Sydney, Dec 2017
  20. Opening speech, "Creating our data driven future - Visualisation Matters", Visualisation Matters Today, Nov 2017
  21. Panelist, "Cyber Security – is your business prepared for the next unknown threat?", Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Nov 2017
  22. Panelist, "Cyber breakfast With special guest Greg Touhill", Nov 2017
  23. Invited talk, "Launching our data-driven future", Space 2.0 workshop, Oct, 2017
  24. Keynote, "Intersecting fintech and cybersecurity", National Fintech and Cybersecurity Summit, Sept, 2017
  25. Invited talk "Cybersecurity collaboration at Data61", National Fintech and Cybersecurity Summit, Sept, 2017
  26. Panelist, "Managing Digital Innovation", University of Sydney Business School, July 2017
  27. Invited talk, "What does the future hold for blockchain in Australia?", Blockchain Association of Australia (BAA) launch, July 2017
  28. Invited talk, "Cybersecurity Innovation", Sci+Tech in the City, July 2017
  29. Panelist, "What Will Regtech Be Delivering In The Next 12 Months And What Are The Drivers?", Jun, 2017
  30. Judge, RegTech, Hacktahorn, May 2017
  31. Presentation by head of Australian delegation for the inaugural ISO/TC 307 meeting on blockchain standards, April 2017
  32. Judge, "the First Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition, Shenzhen, China", Mar, 2017
  33. Panelist, "Future of Blockchain" panel, APAC blockchain conference, Feb 2017
  34. Invited talk, "The Data Driven Future", CISCO/Huntsman security event,  Nov 2016
  35. Panelist, "The Cyber landscape for the engineering industry", Oct 2016
  36. Panelist, BlackBerry Security Think Tank, Oct 2016
  37. "Blockchain as an innovation platform", CFA Sydney Society, Aug 2016
  38. Various talks on innovation and Data61, ChinaWeek, April 2016
  39. Panelist, "Blockchain", FinTech Sydney, March 2016
  40. "Blockchain as a platform", APIDay, Feb 2016
  41. "DevOps: An Architect's Perspective", IEEE Software Expert Summit, Oct 2015
  42. "Data-driven B2B Transactions: Trends and Practices", QRL Seminar Series, Aug, 2015
  43. "Problem Detection and Diagnosis under Sporadic Operations and Changes", SPEC DevOps Working Group, May 2015
  44. "Continuous Deployment of Big Data Analytics Applications", UNSW Workshop in Data Science, March 2015
  45. Highlights of PhD Student Bootcamp 2014, NICTA-Swinburne Software Engineering Summer School, Marh, 2015
  46. "Error Detection and Diagnosis of Sporadic Operations on Cloud/Web-based Applications", Oracle Lab, Feb 2015
  47. "POD-Detection/Diagnosis: Error Detection and Diagnosis of Sporadic Operations on Cloud Applications", Berkeley AMPLab, 2014
  48. "Dependable Operation - Why it matters to performance management and capacity planning", CMG Australia, 2014
  49. "Dependable Cloud Computing", 5th USC/UMass/ISCAS/NICTA joint workshop 2013
  50. "Big Data Platforms", 4th ISCAS/USC/UMass/NICTA joint workshop, 2012
  51. “Applications of the REST Principle”, Open Publish 08, July, 2008
  52. “Beyond Design-by-Committee: how to push alternative ideas through open standards and open source”, OpenStandard 08
  53. “Visible Loan - a RESTful and Pub-Sub apporach”, LIXI Forum 07, Oct., 2007
  54. “Model Driven Development and Adaptive Middleware”, IBM Research Watson Research Center, Jan. 2007
  55. “Challenges in Adaptive Process-Product Relationship Research”, ISCAS (Chinese Academy of Science), Dec. 2006
  56. “Software Architecture Evaluation Research at NICTA”, presented at AWSA 2006 , April 2006
  57. “Metadata Repositories”, presented at Fujitsu, Feb 2006
  58. Capacity Planning and Management For Enterprise Applications, presented at joint middleware workshop at Sydney University, Feb 2006