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Dr. Liming Zhu
Research Director
Software & Computational Systems, Data61 | CSIRO &

Conjoint Full Professor
School of CSE, UNSW

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About Me

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I lead the Software and Computational Systems Research Program at Data61, CSIRO. The research program is innovating in the following research areas: consumer data rights (CDR) standard setting, big data analytics infrastructure, computational and simulation sciences platforms (including verticals such as satellite/aerial and telescope image processing, VR/AR, high performance visual analytics), secure data platforms, trustworthy systems, distributed systems, business process management, legal informatics/computational law/RegTech, provenance, blockchain/DLT, software ecosystems, software engineering/architecture, DevOps, privacy and cybersecurity. 

Data61 is part of The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Australia's data/ICT innovation hub. Data61 was formed bringing together CSIRO's Digital Productivity team and National ICT Australia (NICTA).

I am also a conjoint full professor at School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales. I chair Standards Australia's blockchain and distributed ledger committee.I teach software architecture courses and supervise PhD students at UNSW. I have supervised more than a dozen PhDs as the primary supervisor and co-supervised many more. My personal research interests include:

  • software architecture in enterprise systems and embedded systems
  • dependable and secure distributed systems 
  • DevOps, SecDevOps and continuous deployment 
  • (big) data analytics infrastructure, data analytics pipelines and data provenance
  • data platforms
  • blockchain-driven systems
  • software engineering for machine-learning based systems 
  • software ecosystems, multi-sided platforms and Ultra-Large-Scale systems
  • service/cloud engineering and RESTful services
  • Model Driven Development(MDD)
  • business process management
  • system and software development processes and methodologies
  • empirical methods in software engineering

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Dr. Liming Zhu
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