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Dr. Liming Zhu
Research Group Leader and
Principal Researcher

Conjoint Academic
School of CSE, UNSW &

Honorary Associate
School of IT, University of Sydney

Email: (W) (W) (P)
Tel: +61 2 93762138



Sticky and Important News
  • I will be editing an IEEE Software Special Issue on Software Engineering for DevOps. Due: Oct 1st, 2015. See here for details. 
  • I am looking for motivated PhD candidates, interns and research assistant. Please see Teaching/Supervision and email me with your transcripts and CV.
  • For undergraduate thesis, please see Teaching/Supervision and email me.
  • Len Bass, Ingo Weber and I are writing a book on DevOps which will be published in May, 2015. Amazon link.
  • My student Majtaba is conducting an empirical study on DevOps practices. If you have 90 mins for an interview, for more details, visit here. The reward is a copy of our DevOps book depending on availability. 
More News
  • May/15: attending WICSA15 and CompArch15 in Montreal. 
  • Nov/14: We have 2 IEEE Software papers accepted: one on tail-tolerant Cloud API and one on achieving high frequency software releases in Cloud.
  • Apr/14: visited a number of places in the Bay Area including giving a talk at Berkeley AMPLab and attending RELENG14 at Google, Big Data Summit and ChefConf
    • RELENG14 slides: Challenges in Practicing High Frequency Releases in Cloud Environments
    • Berkeley AMPLab slides: POD-Diagnosis: Error Diagnosis of Sporadic Operations on Cloud Applications
  • Apr/14: won the Most Influential Paper Award at ASWEC 2014 for our paper published in 2004 on architecture evaluation method comparison.
  • Apr/14: full research paper accepted at DSN 2014: "POD-Diagnosis: Error Diagnosis of Sporadic Operations on Cloud Applications". (full paper)
  • I am the program chair of ASWEC 2014 which will be held in Sydney in April, 2014.  Please consider participating. 
  • I am the workshop chair of WICSA 2014, which will be held in Sydney in April, 2014. We have four workshops. Please consider participating. 
  • We are advertising 2 engineering positions in two exciting projects. One is related to genome analysis. The other  (now filled) is related to DevOps and Cloud.
  • I am organising "The First International Workshop on Dependability and Security of System Operation" at DSN 2014 which will be held in Atlanta, USA in June, 2014. Please consider submitting a paper (Due March 07).
  • Oct/13: got my gene sequenced at No bad news. ;-}
  • Oct/13: Congratulations to Dr. Dana Kusumo for getting his PhD.
  • Aug/13: Congratulations to Dr. John BrÝndum for getting his PhD.