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Mon, 10 Nov 2003

Political Survey

Lots of folks have reported their results on the Political Compass. Now Chris Lightfoot has come up with a better political survey. I think it is much better than the Political Compass survey because:

  1. There aren't as many horribly ambiguous questions.
  2. The methodology is open so we can see how your answers get converted to a score.
  3. Rather than start with preconceived left/right authoritarian/libertarian axes, he has used principal component analysis to find a two-dimensional political space. The first dimension seems to correspond to the conventional left/right axis. The second dimension is less well defined. Lightfoot calls it pragmatic/idealistic, but you should not get too hung up on the name---the important thing is that someone is the same location in the 2D space as you will tend to answer all the questions the same way.
  4. You get a results page that lets you show anyone exactly how you answered the questions.

In the table below, you can, if you wish, enter the URL that Chris Lightfoot's survey gives you for your results. That creates an asterisk next to your name that links to your results page. So you can show others where you are in this table, if someone follows a link to this page from your blog, your name should appear in red.

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8–9.99 Left Pragmatic
    Triplux     Right Pragmatic
6–7.99    Anton Sherwood * Conchis * Jacob Grier Joshua Macy * Abiola Lapite * Trent McBride Anthony Argyriou * John Fenton Joseph A. Hiegel Mark Wickens * Liberty Corner * Phelps * Micks  6–7.99
4–5.99 Chris Lightfoot * Tim Lambert * David Mansfield * David Rodgers * Kerry Hubers Stephen Gryphon * Damien Sullivan * David O'Neill  * Steve Gilham * Andrew Chamberlain * Joe Grossberg Tim Lee * CD Harris * Mark S. Huculak * TJIC (Travis J I Corcoran) *   4–5.99
2–3.99Ken Miles * Backword Dave * Dominion (James McLaughlin) * Green Fairy * Iain J Coleman * Kenneth G. Cavness * Larry C. Lyons * Robin Grant * Bill Humphries * Charles Stewart * Die Niemandsblog * Easter Lemming Liberal News Digest Hans Ian King * Jason and Stuff * John B * Lonnie Foster * Morat * hope * Bob Kopp * BubbaRich * EvdB * Frank Quist Keith M Ellis * Mr. Poon * Oliver Willis * Picket Line Zack Ajmal * kodi * Alistair Turnbull * Skip Perry * This Chick cleek force majeure * markus * Aunty * Paul Bixby * Tung Yin bonehead Joel Foreman * Kevin Baker Mellow-Drama * Robert Tagorda Iain Murray Pejman Yousefzadeh * Joel Parsons * 2–3.99
0–1.99Alan Connor Bingobowden C. Glen Williams * Danny Yee Idiot/Savant James Nakagawa * Kain Warwick Lorenzo * Natalie Davis * Nathanael Nerode * Pablo Stafforini * Steven Rubio * StrangeSemantics * doctorvee * kasi * Andele Charlie Stross * David Tiley * Dorothea Salo EdgeWise * Grant Williamson Hypocrisy Digest Jeff Bostick * John S Wilkins * Justin Mason Kevin Yezbick Kristin Smith * Matthew Petty * Nick Barlow * PZ Myers * Pesky the Rat * Pietro The Funny Farm Three-toed * fear and loathing in america * kim * roleary * Chad Orzel * David Zanetti Dispositive Fence Glorfindel of Gondolin * Matthew Turner Mike Jones * Moss Collum * Panchromatica * Rick Horowitz * Rodti MacLeary Stentor Danielson * half-pie lost pilgrim rebecca blood roid * Aquarion * Beanie Enda Nasution's Weblog - Indonesian Blog Ken D. * Life Outtacontext The Corpus Callosum * Wilson Biggs (FIXED OOPS) * Curtis Crawford * Gary Mattox * Matthew Yglesias Merle * Sarah Gemble * Ann Teak * Anti-Climacus LawPundit * Susie Q Jay Wilson Biggs Nathan Hallford * Peter Cuthbertson John Terrine Patrick Carver * Steve Dillard fka Feddie * 0–1.99
-2–-0.01Brilliantine * Nu-Ju * Occasional Subversion * Rabble * 16 Andy Shelton Henning Bertram * Keith Poon Letters of Marque * Samuel Payzant * The Yorkshire Ranter * Vitia nuttyxander * Al-Muhajabah * Beatniksalad * Nurse Ratched Olivia Rana camiwhami * leto Brian Ulrich * Rhetoric & Rhythm Simon J * Thudfactor * metasilk *  Bradley Peter Jones * Rlxqowmx gordon horny john sammy Kevin Owens * Nathan Ott Sean Murphy   -2–-0.01
-4–-2.01Dave Boyle * Ramakrishnan Parthasarathy * Jason A. Harald Korneliussen * Mike Higton vlado James Fairbairn * Will Fitzgerald Jor * Andrew Polk * The Shamrockshire Eagle *     -4–-2.01
-6–-4.01  blood & treasure  Russell Arben Fox      -6–-4.01
-8–-6.01          -8–-6.01
-10–-8.01 Left Idealistic
         Right Idealistic

There are now 199 entries in the table. Latest additions:
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