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Wed, 10 Mar 2004

The Libertarian Purity Test

Seems that bloggers have a strong urge to post their scores for Bryan Caplan's Libertarian Purity Test. So here's a spot where you can post your score and find blogs with similar (or different) scores.

The test does seem to be another one of those tests that tries to convince you that you are a libertarian. It said that I was a "soft-core libertarian", which I don't think is right, but it's still fun as long as you don't take the results too seriously.

If you are in a test taking mood, you can visit my other postings that let you post test results.

Update: Joe Carter also has a collection of results of the test.

And here is Caplan's original posting of the test in 1993.

Update 2: Since some people have entered their results for both this test and the Political Compass I thought it would be interesting to see how the Libertarian/Authoritarian score on that test related to the score on the test. The answer, shown in the graph below, is there is no relation at all. The graph to the right shows that the higher your Left/Right score is, the higher your libertarian score is. The last graph plots the actual Libertarian purity test scores on the political compass. In theory, the high numbers should be in the bottom right quadrant, but that is not particularly true. Libertarian Political Compass graph
Libertarian Political Compass graph Libertarian Political Compass graph

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0–4Dan Reitman 0–4
5–9Ampersand Bill Wallo Dara Smith Failed M.C. John Y. Nick Troester South of the Suwannee 5–9
10–14Adam Bonin Brian Ulrich Dominion Jesse Taylor Jonathan Dresner Morat Ralph E. Luker StrangeSemantics Zack Ajmal roleary tgirsch 10–14
15–19Daniel Moore David Tiley Jason Nemes Joe Carter Kevin Yaroch Oliver Willis Peter Levine Stentor TalkLeft Tim Lambert Tony Williams cleek 15–19
20–24Aaron chapman Amanda Butler Benjamin Alan John Holbo Josh Chafetz Matt McGrattan Matthew Yglesias PZ Myers Rich Anderson Robert West Ryan Gabbard Sortapundit Stephen Bainbridge The Lonewacko Blog 20–24
25–29Evan Izer Joshua Macy Mellow-Drama Monkey Brad Rene of TwoTinCans Richard Duston Unlearned Hand 25–29
30–34Brad Brock Sides Chris Guido Romanelli Kari LilacRose Rev. Mike Say Uncle 30–34
35–39Amy Lamboley Andrew Stuttaford Bill Hobbs ETJB Ed Brayton Ken Hall Patrick Taylor Pejman Yousefzadeh Skip Perry Steve Verdon fling93 35–39
40–44Ace Al Maviva Eric Erickson Jonah Goldberg Marie Carnes Richard Brookhiser Waddling Thunder jd2be 40–44
45–49Clayton Cramer Eric Rasmusen Insults Unpunished Robert Prather Ryan Jensen Sean O'Hara Steve Duane The Slithery D 45–49
50–54Anthony Rickey Arvin Tseng Chris Lawrence Indigo Kevin Baker Nathan Hallford Patterico Shey's Rebellion rich hailey 50–54
55–59Abiola Lapite Ben Calblog D. C. Thornton Dave S. Jason Soon Leah Guildenstern Rich Shipe Squirrel Xrlq 55–59
60–64Del Simmons Frank Neudecker Jeff Doolittle Josh Claybourn Rice Grad Steve Hayward 60–64
65–69Blake Wylie Ironbear John Coleman Lana Mike Hollihan PrestoPundit Sean Hackbarth Steve Dilliard Will Wilkinson Yaron 65–69
70–74Alex Knapp Amber Taylor CD Harris Charles Murray Hanah Metchis Pathetic Earthlings Ramesh Ponnuru RobbL Monkey Sasha Volokh 70–74
75–79David David Bernstein Jonathan Adler Joshua Harris Julian Sanchez Matt Rustler Walter Olson 75–79
80–84 80–84
85–89Joe Hiegel Lawroark Will Baude 85–89
90–94Kyle Markley Robert Recchia Tristan Zev Sero mg 90–94
95–99Brian Hawkins Radley Balko Thibodeaux Tim Sandefur Trent McBride 95–99
100–104Gil Milbauer Jim Henley Nick Blesch Saxdrop Steven Malcolm Anderson countertop 100–104
105–109Bob Simmons Brian Doss Gene Healy Laylines Publicola Ravages 105–109
110–114 110–114
115–119Lee Killough Myria Scipio Shea Steven Horwitz 115–119
120–124Phelps 120–124
125–129Vox Day 125–129
130–134Jeremy Horpedahl 130–134
135–139 135–139
140–144 140–144
145–149James Landrith Yazad 145–149
150–154Karen De Coster Lew Rockwell Libertarian Jackass 150–154
155–159Duncan Frissell J. H. Huebert 155–159
160–164Charles Hueter Dan Alban John Jascob Micha Ghertner Scott Scheule arbitraryaardvark 160–164

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