Abstracts on Global Climate Change

Mar 2006

The (OECTS)-E-bj framework for integrated assessment: Hybrid modeling of transportation

Kim, SH Edmonds, J Lurz, J Smith, SJ Wise, M


Technology is a central issue for the global climate change problem, requiring analysis tools that can examine the impact of specific technologies within a long-term, global context. This paper describes the architecture of the ObjECTS-MiniCAM integrated assessment model, which implements a long-term, global model of energy, economy, agriculture, land-use, atmosphere, and climate change in a framework that allows the flexible incorporation of explicit technology detail. We describe the implementation of a “bottom-up” representation of the transportation sector as an illustration of this approach, in which the resulting hybrid model is fully integrated, internally consistent and theoretically compatible with the regional and global modeling framework. The analysis of the transportation sector presented here supports and clarifies the need for a comprehensive strategy promoting advanced vehicle technologies and. an economy-wide carbon policy to cost-effectively reduce carbon emissions from the transportation sector in the long-term.

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