Teaching: Overview

Subjects Taught

  • COMP1021 Computing 1B (93s1, 93s2, 94s1, 94s2, 95s1, 95s2, 96s1, 96s2, 97s1, 98x1)
  • COMP1921 Computing 1B (10s1)
  • COMP1927 Higher Data Structures and Algorithms (08s2, 13s1, 14s2, 15s2)
  • COMP2041 Software Construction: Tools and Techniques (99s2, 00s2, 01s2, 02s1,07s2)
  • COMP4011 Web Applications Engineering (01s1, 01s2, 03x1)
  • COMP3311 Database Systems (98s2, 99s2, 02s2, 03s1, 04s1, 05s1, 06s2, 07s1, 08s1, 09s1, 11s1, 12s1, 13s2)
  • COMP9311 Introduction to Database Systems (93s2, 94s1, 94s2, 03s1, 05s1, 05s2, 06s2)
  • COMP9314 Next Generation Database Systems (96s2, 97s2, 99s1, 99s2)
  • COMP9315 Database System Implementation (96s1, 97s1, 98s2, 00s1, 05s2, 09s2, 11s2, 12s2, 14s2)
  • GSOE9010 Engineering Research Skills (15s1, 15s2)

I developed COMP2041 and COMP4011 from scratch, and substantially re-developed COMP1021, COMP3311 and COMP9315 over the period I taught them.

Teaching Admin

  • Deputy Head of School (education) (15s2 - ...)
  • Associate Head of School (06s2 - 08s2)
  • Chair, CSE Teaching Committee (06s2 - 08s2, 10s1, 14s1- ...)
  • 4th-year Thesis Coordinator (07s1 - 08s2)
  • Coordinator of Computer Science Co-op Program (05s2 - 06s2)
  • Director of Postgraduate Coursework Programs (00s1 - 04s1)
  • Program Director for BSc(CompSci) (98s1 - 99s2)

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