Current Students

Higher Degree Research (HDR) Students

Current students

  • Usama Salama, IoT Security, PhD, started S2, 2016 (Joint supervision with Dr. Lina Yao)
  • Suhrid Satyal, "AB Testing of Business Process Improvements", PhD, started S2, 2016 (Joint supervision with Dr. Ingo Weber)
  • Shaojun Zhang, "Distributed Systems for Machine Learning", PhD, starting S2, 2017 (Joint supervision with Dr. Chen Wang)


  • Shawn Lu Xiao, Supporting Collaboration Processes, Masters by Research, completed in S1, 2017
  • Jing Xu, Models and Techniques for Searching and Querying Personal Processes, PhD, completed in S2, 2016
  • Nima Mohammadzadeh Moghadambarkadeh, A Common Business Process Instance Model, Masters by Research, completed in S2, 2016
  • Roya Rozita Rastan, Table Data Extraction from Documents: Systems and Techniques, PhD, completed in S2, 2016 (with Dr. John Shepherd)
  • Chun Yong Moon, Column-based Data Extraction from Call for Papers, Masters by Research, with Dr. John Shepherd, Masters by Research, completed 2014
  • SungWook Kim, Form-based Process Management, Masters by Research, completed 2013
  • Dac Dat Hoang, Towards Spreadsheet-based Web Service Composition, PhD, completed 2012
  • Emam Hossain, A Framework for Effective Application of Agile Project Management in Global Software Development, PhD, NICTA joint/co-supervision started S1, 2007, completed 2011.
  • Yin Hua Li, A Framework on Privacy Enforcement for Business Processes, PhD, co-supervision, completed 2009.

Special Project Students (COMP3902/COMP9596)

  • Chao Huang, Business Process Conformance Tool for eTOM, 2012
  • Shiyuan Yao, Named Entity Resolution on Call for Papers, 2011
  • Wei Dong, Form-based Approval System, 2011
  • Rahul Arora, POLAR Network Messaging System, 2011
  • Timothy Ong, Personal Task Management System on Android, COMP3902, S2, 2009.
  • Huangtao (Sean) Xiong and Xu Zhao, WayFarer: Flexible Trip Planner, COMP9596, S2, 2009.
  • Chen (Richard) Chen and Qian Li (Scott) Zhu, A Generic Framework for Building Research Area Tracker, COMP9596, S2, 2009.
  • Robertus Setiawan Aji Nugroho, Location-based Personal Process Guide, COMP9596, S1 2009.
  • Sean Soerjanto, Interactive Storytelling and Business Process Modelling, COMP3902, S1 2009.
  • Liangliang (Pop) Zheng, Personal Task Management System, COMP9596, S1 2009.
  • Fei Teng, Liang Zhao and Xiaomin Wu, Cloud Platform Evaluation, joint supervision with A/Prof. Anna Liu, COMP9596 S1 2009.
  • Mukthar Shiek, Data Mashup Platform, COMP9596, S1 2008.
  • Chen Liang, Topic-based Online Bibliography Management System, COMP9596, S2 2007 .
  • Xin Chen, Email and Forum Integration, COMP9596, S2 2006.
  • Phupha Punyapotasakul, Model Driven Web-based Application Development, COMP9596, S2 2006.
  • Jun Chen, Enforcing Privacy Policy on BPEL, COMP9596, S2 2006.
  • Saphira Heijen, Workflow Management System Administration Models, Queensland University of Technology, Masters Thesis, 2005

Undergraduate Thesis Students

  • Eliza Jane Wallace, Keyword Expansion for Research Tools, 2012
  • Hans Piendhy, Form-based Process Management, 2012
  • Prashanthan Ranjan and Ernest Lie, Personal Process Management, 2012
  • Vi Toan Do, Ranking Social Network Feeds, 2011
  • Maggie Mei Kee Hung, "Web Service Mashup Using Spreadsheet Environment", 2010
  • Yen-Gin (Angel) Chuang , News Article Annotation System, 2009
  • David Ling, Case Study: Business Process Modelling and Implementation - Research Application Tracking System, 2008
  • Kitty Wu and Victor Chan, Calendar-Based Web Services Management, 2008
  • Agnes Ro and Lily Xia, C2C Case Study: Service-Oriented Bill Payment Systems, 2008
  • Chao Liang, A Tool for Model ling Privacy-Aware Web Service Protocol, 2008
  • Barnabas Lau, Visualising Worklist, 2007
  • Christopher Macauley, A Portal for Web Services, 2007
  • Stephen Natawardaja and Yung Riady Budiman, XML-Based Forms Management, 2006
  • Allen Chia-Lu Hu, Chung-Ju May Lee and Min Dong, Privacy Verification Tool for BPEL, 2006
  • Alex Hwang, Yet Another Flow Management System, 2006

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