Organizations and conferences

ACL, the Association for Computational Linguistics, organizes the annual ACL conference, issues the ACL journal, Computational Linguistics, and provides the ACL Anthology, a digital archive of research papers in computational linguistics.
AFNLP, Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing, organizes the annual IJCNLP conference.
EACL, the European Chapter of the ACL, provides a regional focus for members of the ACL in Europe. It organizes the triennial EACL conference.
NAACL, the North American Chapter of the ACL, provides a regional focus for members of the ACL in the Americas. It organizes the annual NAACL HLT conference.
ICCL, the International Committee on Computational Linguistics, organizes the biennial International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING).

NLP Toolkits

  • NLTK - Natural Language ToolKit:
"Open source Python modules, linguistic data and documentation for research and development in natural language processing, supporting dozens of NLP tasks, with distributions for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux."
  • GATE - General Architecture for Text Engineering:
"GATE is made up of three elements: 1) An architecture describing how language processing systems are made up of components. 2) A framework (or class library, or SDK), written in Java and tested on Linux, Windoze and Solaris. 3) A graphical development environment built on the framework"