Hamid Reza Motahari Nezhad

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Not physically present at UNSW, Australia


Studying in Australia

I received many questions by Emails, mainly from fellow Iranian students, who want to do a graduate degree and/or work in Australia. Here, I try to answer to some of these questions, and also provide links to Websites that might be useful for people looking to do a graduate degree (PhD or MSc) in Australia: 

FAQ on Graduate Studies in Australia

Note that these answers reflect my personal views, and are based on my experience and what I have heard from friends/other students, and by no means are accurate/error-free.  If you also have any other question that may help others or would like to contribute to the content of this page, please send me the question, and/or answer so to be added into this repository.

About Iran

In the following are some short presentations (slides) about different aspects (history, culture, geography, people, etc) of Iran, my country of origin (prepared by a friend):