COMP9117 Architecture of Software Systems
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W1 (24/07): Course Admin and Introduction to Software Architecture (LZ) [1x1, 1x6]

W2 (31/07): Quality and Software Architecture (MB)[1x1, 1x6]

W3 (07/08): Designing Software Architecture: Creating and Reconstructing (LZ) [1x1,1x6]

W4 (14/08): Designing Software Architecture:  Patterns, Styles, Middlewares and Frameworks  (JL) [1x1, 1x6]

W5 (21/08): Documenting Software Architecture (MB) [1x1, 1x6]

W6 (28/08): Evaluating Software Architecture (MB) [1x1, 1x6]

W7 (04/09): Software Product Lines 1 (MS) [1x1, 1x6]

W8 (11/09): Software Product Lines 2 (MS) [1x1, 1x6]

W9 (18/09): Model Driven Architecture (LZ) [1x1, 1x6]


W10 (02/10): Public  Holiday

W11 (09/10): Domain Specific Architecture (LZ) [1x1, 1x6]

W12 (16/10): Component Based Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture (JL) [1x1, 1x6]

W13 (23/10): Aspect Oriented Architecture (JL) [1x1, 1x6]

W14 (30/10): The Future of Software Architecture and Course Review (LZ) [1x1, 1x6]

  • All lecture notes are available in two formats: 1x1 and 1x6
  • All lecture notes will be availabe before the lecture
  • Lectures will be delivered by the person indicated in the bracket (LZ=Liming Zhu, MB=Muhammad Ali Babar, MS=Mark Staples, JL=Jenny Liu)