Final Exam Time and Location (posted 20/10)
2:30pm - 5:00pm (2.5 hour exam), Friday 24th, Nov at OMB144 (Old Main Building)

Out of Office 19/09 - 2/10 (posted 14/09)

During 19/09 - 2/10, please contact Dr. Jenny Liu ( for urgent matters. Please still use the course forum for general questions. The guest lecturers will try to answer them during this period.

Taste of Research Summer Scholarships (posted 06/09/2006)

Architecture related topics are now available (among others). Apply by following the instruction here.

Assignment 2 and 3 specifications are now available. (posted 06/09/2006)
See Assignment 2 and Assignment 3.

Assignment 1 specification is now available. (posted 08/08/2006)
See Assignment 1.

New Announcements Regarding Assignment 3 and Week 10 (posted 21/07/2006)

1. It has been decided that Assignment 3 will also be an individual assignment.
2. Due to 02/10 (week 10 Monday) being a public holiday, all affected lectures  will be pushed back one week. There won't be a student seminar/demonstration week.

New Course Forum is Open! (posted 14/07/2006)
COMP9117 course forum is now open. Please use it for all discussions. If you don't have an account on CSE  forums, please register one first (CSE user/password required).

Welcome to Architecture of Software Systems! (posted 13/07/2006)
Welcome to Architecture of Software Systems(COMP9117) for 2006/s2. Lectures will begin in week 1 (Monday), in room CE101 (Civil Engineering Building) at 6pm-9pm.