If you wish to attend the bridging course please register here using your zid/zpass.

The COMP1911-COMP1511 bridging course covers material that is in COMP1511 but not in COMP1911. Successful completion of the bridging course will allow you to enrol in courses which have COMP1511 as a prerequisite.

The bridging course was created to assist students who discovered in COMP1911 they enjoy and do well at computing.

The bridging course is free.

The bridging course does not show on your transcript.

The bridging course is open to students who've taken COMP1911 in any session and have a COMP1911 mark of 75+ (DN or HD). We may also consider students who get a high Credit.

We anticipate being been able to accomodate all interested students, but if any limit is reached places will be offered to the students with the best COMP1911 marks.

The bridging course will be conducted Monday-Friday 17-21 July (the week before session 2 starts). There will be lectures and/or labs each day. The final exam will be held on the Friday.

Please monitor your e-mail for any announcments and come back to this page for updated information.

Detailed locations & times will be posted here near the start date. Tentative times are given below:

Introductory LectureMon10:00-12:00Ainsworth G02 (K-J17-G02)
Tut-labMon12:30-16:00Ainsworth G02 (K-J17-G02)Tabla/Bongo
Tut-labTue12:30-16:00Ainsworth G02 (K-J17-G02)Table/Bongo
Tut-labWed12:30-16:00ElecEng G25 (K-G17-G25)Tabla/Bongo
Tut-labThu12:30-16:00Ainsworth 102 (K-J17-102)Tabla/Bongo