ASWEC 2006

ASWEC 2006

Taming Complexity through Research and Practice

While the methods and tools used to build software applications become increasingly powerful and sophisticated, the complexity of the problems we need to solve continues to rapidly grow. The Australian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC 2006) will bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss state-of-the-art software engineering techniques and tools that can help successfully build highly complex software applications.

ASWEC 2006 will include:
  • a tutorial and workshop program covering topics such as service-oriented architectures, model-driven development, agile methods and enterprise integration.
  • keynotes from Dr Linda Northrop (Software Engineering Institute in Pittsburgh, USA), Dr Julian Edwards (Object Consulting, Sydney), and Prof John Hosking (U. Auckland)
  • feature presentations from key industry thought leaders
  • presentations describing new research results and experience reports from industry projects.

ASWEC is Australasia's leading forum for the software engineering profession to exchange project experiences and describe important new research results..

ASWEC was established in 1986, and attracts high quality contributions covering the whole spectrum of software engineering research and practice. It provides an excellent opportunity for interaction between software engineering researchers and industry practitioners.

In 2006, the conference will be held at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney.

Please see new joining instructions for ASWEC 2006 (pdf).