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Featured Industry Presentations

Wednesday April 19; 12:00

Chief Architect - Asset Management, IBM Rational Software

Using Assets to Tame Complexity
Grant Larsen is a renowned 'thought leader' on the subject of Asset Management and drives IBM's asset-based development strategies through process, standards, tooling and re-usable assets, such as patterns, to leverage software development investments.

Come and explore new and exciting possibilities with state-of-the-art software engineering techniques and tools.  Learn how you can successfully manage complexity within your organisation.

Wednesday April 19; 15:30

Adrian Pitman, Matt Ashford
Defence Materiel Organisation

Why is Acquiring Software Intensive Systems So Difficult?
Managing the acquisition of large Software Intensive Systems (SiS) is a complex and risky business that, despite a number of process reform initiatives, contemporary development standards and new technology investment, continues to challenge organisations worldwide charged with this responsibility.   This combined with an ever-increasing reliance on software to implement system functionality, means procurement agencies such as the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) must identify and deal with the software related risks factors.   In this presentation the authors identify and briefly discuss a number of the fundamental risks factors and describe how the DMO, with the cooperation of its suppliers, is attempting to mitigate these risks.

Thursday April 20;  12:00

Dr. Anna Liu
Senior Architect Advisor, Microsoft Australia

Software Factories
Dr Anna Liu will be on hand to discuss how your organization/ research group can improve its development approach inline with expectations using Software Factories - the next generation approach in software development. Discover a programming future that uses Domain Specific Languages, patterns frameworks and guidance to build applications for specific industries or markets. Learn how Visual Studio Team System 2005 will assist with your advanced software engineering and research projects and what this will mean for the future of software development.

Thursday April 20;  15:30

Alistair Smith
Associate, Davies Collison Cave

The Commercialisation of Software: Patenting vs Open Source
There are a number of different protection mechanisms available for software, and that these can be used to provide commercial leverage for companies interested in commercialisation. However, there are also a number of potential pitfalls, and it is therefore important to have knowledge regarding the protection available.
This presentation will examine the degree to which software can be considered Patentable, the contrasting models of Patenting and Open Source, and the manner in which each of these techniques may be used as part of a commercial strategy.

Friday April 21;  12:00

Damien Bootsma
Senior Solutions Expert, Borland Australia Pty Ltd.

QVT - Theory and Practice
QVT is a recent OMG standard that specifies a stardard language (Query View Transform) for defining transformations from one model type to another. In this presentation Borland will provide an overview of the QVT standard and demonstrate a number of practical examples.