This wiki is for internal use to discuss UNSW AI and CAS projects. The pages stored here are grouped as follows:

A calendar of seminars and other events
For discussing current research projects
A list of the facilities available to staff and student, including laboratories, robots, special purpose computers and software
Course Notes
A place to share lecture notes so that we don't have to duplicate effort
Thesis Topics
Descriptions of current AI topics offered to 4th year students
A repository for data, especially for research sudents who want to have a site to leave things in a more-or-less permanent location.

I've used Pmwiki to set it up because it seems to be the simplest to administer. If you click on "edit" (above right) you will see a quick guide to Pmwiki at the bottom of the page. For the full documentation, click on "Site Maintenance" in the side bar.